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Why Do Water Leaks Happen in the First Place?

Water leaks are an issue that doesn’t only cause inconvenience but also leads to wasting precious water (especially if it is your main water supply pipeline) and your hard-earned money. Leaks can occur anywhere in your home, and sometimes go completely undetected until it is too late. To avoid spending money on expensive repairs and water damage restoration, hire a leak detection services company to locate where there is water leaking in your home. But, how will you know when to hire leak detection professionals? Here is your ‘how to’ guide.

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Rust or corrosion in pipelines

When you start seeing rust around your pipes, it’s time to call a professional to take a look at them. Rust or corrosion often occurs due to the aging of pipes, constant use of harsh chemicals, and negligence. Since rust/corrosion eats away the pipe lining gradually until there is nothing left, it often leads to holes, collapse, and joint breaks. So, before it starts causing water to pool in your home, hire a leak detection services company as early as possible.

The Age of Plumbing

In general, pipes can last for around 20 years or more based on the material. So, check when your pipeline was installed and if it has been updated since then. It will give you an idea as to whether you will need to have repairs done in the near or distant future. Old pipes have years of wear and tear and buildup of many substances.

Growing Tree Roots

Take a look at your yard to check if there are trees and how long they have been there. Tree roots can grow and exert immense pressure against underground pipelines. If your pipes are older or weak, tree roots can cause the collapse of your pipes. So, it would be wise to check how old your plumbing is.

Quality of Water

If your locality is supplied with hard water, minerals in it can cause limescale deposits within your pipes. Mineral deposits can create tiny pothole leaks that can seep into walls and underflooring. So, it is a good thing to clean your pipes regularly to get rid of the deposits. Also, install a whole home water softener to improve the quality of the water.

Also, if your water bill is suddenly increased without a major change in water consumption, it would be good to call professionals to see if there are leaks.

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Apart from this, if you hear unusual sounds from within the walls or under the floor, it is also an indication that it’s time to hire a leak detection services company. Besides, other common signs are pooling water, moisture on pipes, and mold growth. So, check on all these things. If you notice them, now you know what to do – call a leak detection company.