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It’s Mold’s Fault! The Eye Opening Effects Mold Has On Children

Owning a home is a major undertaking, and there are a lot of different things that you need to watch out for when you are responsible for a property. Mold is something that can grow from excess moisture in the air or in a certain area of your home. Unfortunately, mold can cause a number of health issues in children, seniors and other people with compromised immune systems. If you know that you have mold in your home or you suspect that your child is experiencing adverse health effects from mold exposure, it’s important to look into the situation and have it remedied as soon as possible. Most people don’t realize the symptoms they’re experiencing could be related to mold. Some of the eye opening effects of mold includes:

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Respiratory Problems

Mold spores tend to be airborne in a home when there is mold growing somewhere like in the HVAC system, inside of walls or in a bathroom. When a child breathes in these mold spores, this can result in respiratory problems such as:

-Shortness of breath

-Allergy symptoms like itchy nose and throat

-Watery eyes

-An increase in asthma attacks or illness


-Sore throat

-Chest congestion

-Flu-like symptoms in more severe cases

Neurological Symptoms

Neurological symptoms occur with more severe cases of black mold exposure. There are mycotoxins that have the ability to kill neurons in the brain that are responsible for things like autonomic nervous system function and mental health. Symptoms can include feeling dizzy, headaches, delayed reflexes and confusion.

Skin Irritation

The skin on a child’s body tends to be a lot more porous than that of an adult. When a child touches mold or airborne mold reaches their skin, the body will react. These reactions can include:


-Skin inflammation




-Excessive itching

Eye Irritation

The eyes can be affected by airborne mold, by inhaling mold or by rubbing the eyes after coming into contact with mold. Inflammation and visual disturbances can result. Child often show signs of very red, itchy and irritated eyes when there is mold present in the home. You may notice they are blinking harder than normal, rubbing their eyes or squinting to deal with blurry vision.

Black Mold Health Effects

Mold exposure is something that should be addressed immediately after finding it exists. Having a child or sensitive adult in the area of the mold can lead to permanent health consequences. Breathing it in, touching it or having it come into contact with your eyes or sinuses can be extremely dangerous.

Other Mold Allergy Symptoms

Some of the health issues that children can experience from mold exposure doesn’t necessarily resemble the typical mold reactions. Some of the less common side effects of mold exposure includes:


-Muscle weakness

-Generalized pain

-Lowered immune function

-Feeling unwell or sick

-An increase in ear infections

-Stomach upset

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What to Do About Mold in Your Home

Mold is most commonly found in homes where there is an uncontrolled level of moisture present. If you control the humidity of your entire home with the use of a dehumidifier, mold doesn’t really have the ability to thrive. If you find mold somewhere in your home, bringing in a professional for safe mold remediation is the best thing you can do. You want to prevent the spread of the mold, have it removed, but have this all done in a way that minimizes the exposure that your family incurs.

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