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4 Ultra-Modern Water Leak Detection Technologies

How is a water leak detected? Can professionals hired for water leak detection services detect even minor leaks in the plumbing system? Most homeowners with water leak issues in their home often wonder such things. They think water leaks can be detected only when they can see or hear them. Thanks to the advancement in water leak detection technologies, now there are systems that can detect leaks that you can’t detect through ordinary methods. In this post, we will talk about different technological systems that are highly advanced and efficient in detecting water leakages.

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1. Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal imaging technology is so versatile that it is being used everywhere when it comes to detection. These cameras identify the differences in the heat energy emitted by every object. Thus, even if the object is hidden, a thermal imaging camera can sense it.

An infrared camera can be used to detect the minute amounts of infrared radiation emitted by pipes within walls and underneath the floors. Once they sense the energies of all objects around, they display a thermogram. Regions that lie around leaks tend to emit lower level infrared energy than the leakage area itself. Thus, professionals can immediately identify water leakage through thermal imaging cameras.

2. Acoustic Listening Devices

Acoustics refers to the science of sound and the way it behaves when it passes through different substances and when it encounters different surfaces. Acoustic listening devices can detect the difference in the sounds produced by flowing water within pipes. These minute differences in sound are then picked up, amplified, and relayed to a headset. An acoustic listening device already comes with a highly sensitive microphone, an amplifier unit, and a headset.

While detecting water leaks in your plumbing system, a water leak detection technician holds the microphone end of the acoustic device closer to the surface where pipes are installed. Using the device, a professional can accurately pinpoint the location of water leak in your plumbing system.

3. Tracer Gases

A tracer gas is a non-poisonous gas that is colorless, odorless, and non-reactive. It could be carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, helium, sulphur hexafluoride, or any other gas whose presence can be detected by the use of a specialized gas detector.

When this method is used, all the contents are emptied from the plumbing system. Then, the technician introduces a mixture of two gases, for instance, hydrogen and nitrogen into the piping structure at a safe pressure of 2 atmospheres.

If there is a leakage in the piping system, the tracer gas escapes from the leakage point and thus, is detected by the handheld gas detector. However, this method is not as efficient as its counterparts.

4. Leak Correlators

It is generally used on a much large scale, such as large farms and industrial complexes. The system is made of various electromagnetic sensors that are placed at fixed intervals along the pipeline.

These sensors pick up the electronic pulses sent from the various points in the pipeline. The leakage is detected by calculating the delay time between the sent electronic signals and received electronic signals.

In general, thermal imaging cameras and acoustic listening devices are considered the most effective ways to detect water leaks.

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