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What is the Process of Commercial Property Fire Damage Cleanup?

When there is a horrible disaster, such as fire damage, at your commercial property, the restoration process must begin as quickly as possible. In order to minimize your business interruption and additional recovery costs, you can count on professional services to assess the damage and get to work soon so that your business can resume operations.

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As an employer or manager of the premises, it is your responsibility to ensure that the restoration process is done safely and professionally. Fire damage cleaning services have specialized fire restoration knowledge, which is required to restore your property to its pre-disaster condition. Regardless of the size of the fire, working efficiently and safely is essential to avoid further losses to property and equipment due to smoke and even water damage.

During the fire damage, it is not just the fire that you have to address, but smoke and water too. Keep in mind that each fire damage event is different, and professionals have to determine an individual solution for your property.

Let’s take a look at the usual steps in the commercial fire damage cleanup process:

  1. Assessment

Consult a fire restoration company to assess the damage to your property. The professional will go through your property thoroughly to clarify the extent of the fire, smoke, grime, and water damage.

Working with experts allows for a comprehensive assessment of the damage that is a vital step in determining the plan for restoration and cleanup and insurance purposes.

  1. Safety Work

The main motive of the fire restoration services is to prevent further damage to your property. If the windows, walls, and roofs are damaged, the restoration company may assess what needs boarding up.

  1. Smoke, Debris, and Water Removal

The staining and odors left behind from smoke generally go beyond the surface. So, the next step for the professional will be to remove smoke and debris from the walls, ceilings, and other surfaces.

It is the priority of the restoration company to remove the water resulting from the firefighting efforts. The specialists will look into the potential leaks or places where mold can develop.

  1. Cleanup

The fire restoration companies have knowledge about various cleaning techniques, and they will employ the best one to clean up the equipment and items to remove smoke odors. Be very careful when cleaning all restorable items and structures that are damaged.

  1. Restoration and Repair

Getting your commercial property to its pre-fire condition may include several repairs. Fire often creates blistering and bubbling to paint, which must be scraped and repainted. In order to remove odors and foul smells, you should strip, sand, and refinish all wood surfaces.


Reputable fire damage cleaning services know how to get the most value out of the restoration process, even if that means re-building a big portion of your commercial property.

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So, do your research when hiring a restoration company to perform fire damage cleanup. Don’t feel pressured into signing repair contracts due to the urgency, as you wouldn’t want to work with an inexperienced company to perform your fire restoration work.