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Water Leak Detection – Ways To Detect And Stop Leaks In Your Property

We all know that water leaks are annoying. These water leaks can cause damage to your property and cost a lot of money, especially when not detected early. Unfortunately, most water leaks are hidden, and quite often, it is too late for you to spot them; and by the time you do, you’d already suffered from thousands of liters of wasted water and high-water bills.

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As a homeowner, it is in your best interest to know the signs of water leak so you can get help promptly from professionals offering water leak detection services. Also, with early leak detection, you can save yourself from skyrocketing water bills and even prevent water damage inside your property.

Let’s take a look at a few ways to detect a water leak in your home.

1. Check Your Water Bill

If you want to determine whether a leak exists or not, the house water meter is an excellent way to find it. If you notice a significant increase in your water bill even when your water use habits remain unchanged, there is a high possibility of a water leak. So it is better to gather your previous water bills and compare them to check for any major difference. If your water use remains the same, your current bill should be within the range as that of the previous months.

2. Monitor The Water Meter

You can also look at the meter and note the current numbers. If the noted number goes up after 30 minutes despite turning off all water inside your home during that period, the leak is there.

Remember, a small increase may be because of a dripping faucet, a toilet that won’t stop running, or it could be a small leak. However, if the increase is a big one, there could be an issue in the main water line or home’s cooling system.

3. Take a Look At Different Areas In Your Property

You can perform basic leak detection by checking different areas in your property, such as the bathroom and kitchen. For the toilet, use food coloring and apply a few drops on the back of its tank. After an hour or, so check if the food coloring is there; if the water is clean, there is no leak; however, if you see the color, the leak is present.

How to prevent water leak damage?
Now, don’t take water leak lightly, as these damages can be costly. In fact, it is one of the most filed claims in the US. Also, within a day after the leak, mold can start to develop in still water, which will eventually damage furniture and other areas inside your property.

1. Conducting Routine Maintenance

If you consistently check your hardware or perform some basic leak detection procedures, you could prevent water leak from happening. Remember to:
• Perform regular pipe inspection
• Check your filtration system regularly.
• Replace faulty faucets, pipes, and pipes.

2. Installing a Leak Detection System

A leak water detection system automatically shuts off the water if it has been running continuously for a certain period. However, installing this system could be expensive.

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3. Leakproof your Foundation

If you leave even the tiniest cracks in your foundation walls unattended, it can possibly lead to water damage and flooding in your property. Fortunately, you can leakproof your foundation to prevent them.
Now, if you notice a leak in your plumbing system, the best thing to do is to contact a well-established company offering water leak detection services.

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