Water Damage Insurance

The Ways To Claim And Maximize Your Water Damage Insurance

As compared to the damages caused by wind, hail, and fire, the insurance claim for water damage is significantly increasing every year. It’s because water damage occurs as a result of both natural calamities and man-made issues (plumbing), which makes it difficult for homeowners to handle the situation. Also, the loss you experience after water damage is very severe.

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The situation is unpredictable so the only thing that can protect you is home insurance or water damage insurance. It’ll keep you financially strong and help you get back to your normal life after a water damage situation. The insurance company will assess the damage and pay for the repair and replacement required for your property. But sometimes, these insurance companies play tricks and deny some claims due to certain reasons. So, as a water damage insurance holder, you should know the ways to claim and maximize the water damage insurance policy.

Inform your insurance company immediately

As soon as you spot water damage in your home, you should contact and inform your insurance company. Any delay in informing them might affect the claim process and the company can get the chance to deny or reduce the claim amount. Most insurance companies have a certain deadline for filing an insurance claim so you should inform within that time frame.

Prepare the list of damaged property

Insurance companies believe and work on visual proof. So, you should take hold of your phone and try to document everything. You should take pictures and videos of the damaged property, which would explain the effect of water damage. This proof will help the agents to determine the cause and after-effects of the same.

Start protecting your things

Protecting means making temporary repairs to prevent things from getting further damaged. We recommend temporary because in most cases the insurance companies deny the claim if they find that the repairs are already done before the inspection. The temporary repair will allow you to show the actual damage.

Keep the repair receipts

If you have opted for temporary repairs before the site inspection, you should keep all the repair receipts. The receipts will show the expenses you incurred to make things right and enable you to ask for a reimbursement. No insurance company will trust your verbal claims.

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Be present during the inspection

The insurance company might send an adjuster to inspect your home and assess the level of water damage. Based on the report prepared by the adjuster and claim proposed by you, the insurance company decides on the final amount. To ensure that the adjuster is working ethically, you should have your contractor with you at the time of inspection. He or she will communicate with the adjuster on your behalf.

If you think it’s not an easy task for you, connect with professionals. The experts from a water damage restoration company can indirectly handle the claim for you by showing the actual pictures and explaining the details of the damage to your insurance company.

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