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The 4 Places to Check When If You Can Only Take Cold Showers

Just imagine, you step into a shower and the water turns out to be cold. If this situation happens to you, don’t call professional plumbers until you know the actual reasons why it’s happening.

To know the reason for the cold shower, you should check the 4 potential places in your home.

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 Check the recent use of hot water 

Before coming to any conclusion, you should know the quantity of hot water used in your home recently. In the case of a tank water heater, the water storage and supply will be limited if the hot water use is continuous. It needs time to refill and get hot. So, if someone from in your home has taken a hot shower or hot water is getting used in an appliance, you wait. You should wait for the water tank to get refilled and heated before taking shower again.

Check the other faucets

Checking the other faucets will help you know whether the issue is limited just to your shower or affecting the whole house. You should move around and check every faucet installed in your house. Please ensure not a single installation is missed out. In all other faucets are fine, the problem is only with your shower.

Check the water heater

If in case the problem is detected in other facets of your home, you should check the water heater that supplies water to the entire home. We know you have checked and repaired the damages before the start of the season, but still, problems can pop out of the same. The pilot light in the water heater should be ON and the temperature should be set right. If the technical details are right, you should look for the leakages. And if leakage is found, you should call professionals for plumbing services.

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Check the shower valve

The last thing to check is the shower valve if you know the issue is specific to the shower. The shower valve is an important part because mixes the hot and cold water before it comes out of the showerhead. The washer inside the valve gets worn out and affects the overall functioning. It’s a plumbing problem so you should not try DIY and should call one of the best plumbing services.

If you are unable to detect the problem after checking out these prominent places or are not capable enough to resolve the identified issues, you should call the professionals right away.

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