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Can Carpet and Drywall Be Saved Once They Get Wet in Floodwater?

Flood water in your home is never a good sight. There are times when you can’t prevent your home (or office) from flooding. Once the flood water retreats, it’s common to start worrying about the damage it caused. Of course, it doesn’t make sense to replace everything.

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So, water damage repair is the service that you should hire whenever your home contents become flooded. The earlier you act or hire this service, the higher your chances of saving your items from being damaged by water.

The amount of time water stays in your home plays a major role in water damage restoration and repair. Some of your items can withstand a few minutes of being immersed in water; however, any electronic items are beyond saving.

Since carpets and drywall are also main concerns, most people wonder if they will need to replace both drywall and carpet. If you are also one of them, this post might help you get a clear idea about it.

Can I Save My Carpet Affected by Flooding?

A carpet is made of synthetic fibers that impart fluffiness and warmth to it. Your carpet is one of those items that suffer the most with water damage. So, when it comes to answering whether you can save your carpet affected by a flood, it depends on the source of the water. If flood water is loaded with mud caused by a storm and your carpet was soaked in it for a long time, then, probably, you should just dispose of it. However, if the flood is caused by standing water or a broken pipe, then there are chances that you can save your carpet.

And don’t waste your efforts because you might not have the right equipment or know the right process to do it. So, leave it to professionals. They will use a water extraction vacuum so that your carpet gets rid of a large volume of water and follow the necessary procedures to make it look like before as much as possible. Plus, also remember to check the floor underneath your carpet for any water damage signs.

Can I Repair My Drywall After It Gets Wet in the Floodwater?

In the US, a large number of homes have drywall as it is easy to install, durable, and can be repaired when damaged. But what if your drywall gets wet in a flooding event? It might seem hard from the surface, but it is porous and can absorb more water than wood does. So, when it is subjected to floodwater, it may swell, sag, bow, and sometimes, can create a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

Just like your carpet, your drywall also needs to be dried up as soon as possible to protect it from water damage. However, if it has become soft and is looking distorted, you should replace it.

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Water damage is destructive most of the time. However, when you take action early, there may be items that can be salvaged. The more you wait the lower chances of salvaging your items. So, when it is about water damage, call a water damage repair company right away.

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