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6 Ways To Identify That Your Home Has Mold

Mold occurs naturally in our environment and plays an important role in the decaying process of organic matter. While this is normal for the outdoors, it is not normal for indoors. When mold starts growing inside your house, it can quickly become toxic to your family, including pets and cause several health-related issues, such as breathing problems, allergic reactions, irritation in the eyes, sinus congestion, and so on. In case you or your family members are already suffering from such health issues, the symptoms might be aggravated by the presence of mold. So it’s important that you know the common signs of mold to detect if it is growing inside your home.

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Check out the following list of signs of mold. If you notice any of these in your home or business, hire a mold remediation service as early as possible.

1) Musty odors

People staying in your house for a long period of time might not be able to detect a musty odor. But it might be immediately identified by your neighbors, guests, or friends. Mold emits a musty smell when it grows indoors. So, if you or anyone coming to your home complains of a musty order, it might be a sign that you have mold in your home. When you get these complaints more often or you detect a musty odor in some areas of your home, call experienced professionals for a mold inspection.

2) Water Spots

If your home has experienced a flood or other disaster (such as plumbing leak) that causes excess water to accumulate on surfaces, standing water might provide favorable conditions for mold to grow and thrive. Moist surfaces always encourage mold growth. So, if you notice water spots or standing water in a particular area, there could be a possibility that mold is growing in your home.

3) Humidity

Humidity gives rise to moisture indoors and provides a perfect breeding ground for mold. Just think of moisture as mold’s best friend as they go hand in hand. If the humidity in your home is above 60%, your home is at a higher risk of mold infestation.

4) Improper Ventilation

Rooms that don’t have sufficient ventilation are prone to mold growth because moisture can’t escape from these rooms quickly. This makes the environment of a room conducive for mold growth. Especially bathrooms with no windows or exhaust fans provide perfect growing conditions for mold. Other ideal areas for mold are kitchens where cooking produces steamy areas and basements that have no way for moisture to escape.

5) Mold Spores or Discoloration

Sometimes, mold can be visible as grey and dark patches. Mold spores are usually found in fuzzy form or slimy discolorations. Mold is not always grey. It can be found in white, black, brown, red, and even some hues of pastel colors. While some molds appear like dust or fuzz, others might look like sand granules. When you notice mold spores, there is no need to question its presence. Hire a mold remediation service right away.

6) Allergies

When people in your home start experiencing allergies or symptoms like scratchy throat, congestion, and breathing problems all of a sudden, this might point towards the existence of toxic mold in your home.

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Many people believe that they can clean up the mold themselves. Mold on surfaces is not dangerous, but when you disturb it, it can cause health issues due to the spores becoming airborne. This is the real danger of removing mold by yourself. Also, using bleach is not going to work because it doesn’t kill spores, it just removes the color. So, rather than endangering your life and the lives of your loves ones, you should seek professional assistance for mold remediation for your home or business.

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