The best solution to Fort Lauderdale water damage restoration is preventing it from happening. While water damage can lead to a lot of financially compromising repairs and replacements which you do not want to deal with, there is the need to take active steps to ensure that you and your home remain as safe as you can be.

With water damage comes mold growth and in preventing water damage, you also will be preventing mold growth in the home.

Unexpected Water Damage Can Ruin Your Day

One of the worst things to wake up to is water flooding your home as this can leave a bad taste in your mouth and also eat deep into your finances. Water damage may go further into running your week and in very bad cases, you home may be inaccessible for the longest possible time, depending on the level of damage recorded. To better minimize the effect of water damage and to ensure that you get the best of your home while safeguarding it from water damage, below are some of the highly recommended tips you should know.

Inspecting Hoses And Pipes

Take note to properly inspect every hose and pipes that are visible in your home while paying proper attention to appliances like the dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, ice makers and others. Be sure that all appliances in the home that have hose which are prone to wear over time are routinely checked and have them replaced if they appear too old or fragile. Also, when moving any of these appliances, it is recommended that you watch out to avoid ripping the hoses and pipes off.

Check For Climate Concerns Like Freezing

For persons living in cold areas, it is important that you inspect the pipes to ensure that they haven’t frozen over. Make sure the pipes are properly insulated and not out and exposed in the cold. For better performance, it is recommended that you expose pipes to moderate heat and in extremely cold areas, keep the faucet dripping to keep water flowing and also to prevent against freezing.

Water Mains And Valves

Check the water mains to make sure the main valve is operational, and working properly. In the event of water damage, it is recommended that you access the water main valve and turn it off to cut off water supply and also prevent against further damage.

If You Have A Sump Pump

For homes with sump pump, it is recommended that you conduct a routine and regular check on the sump pump to quickly pick damages needing fixes and repairs. Failure to test the sump pump regularly may lead to late notice of damages which can affect the home’s basement, foundation and other items such as furniture, appliances, carpeting, drywalls and more.

Don’t Forget The Gutters!

Pay attention to the gutters, roofs and slopes in the yard as clogged gutters spell greater doom on the house, leading to flooding or water accumulation close to the foundation which can cause foundation damage over time. The gutters ensure that water is properly channeled away from the roof and the house into the downspouts and away from the home. It is also recommended that you check the downspouts for clogs and clean off the blockage if present.

More Tips On Water Restoration In Florida

No matter where you live, you could find yourself subject to water damage. In order to prevent your home and belonging of being at risk, be sure to check out some of the additional tips for flooding and damage prevention on our site. Already feeling the wrath of water damage? Give us a call today and see how we can help at


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